A good meal can get even better when you share it with a loved one. The same goes for knowledge about vegan food items. Sharing this knowledge with netizens is all that we are doing here.

Do you know that there is only a small portion of the global population that belongs to the vegan category? When we first came across this fact, it surprised us. We feel that it is imperative to have a change in this percentage. What better way to bring a change to it than educating more people on what veganism is and so forth.

By having more educated people, perhaps we would see a considerable increase in the number of vegans in the world. It is unfortunate that most people worldwide only have a passing interest in veganism. The fact that many of them follow vegan diets for the first month of the calendar year perhaps best encapsulates that interest.

Why not extend the diet to the 11 other months in the year? With our extensive guides about plant-based foods, we aim to contribute to an increase in the global vegan count. We are only happy to share some nutritional facts at the same time.