Is Pasta A Vegan Food Item?

Vegan Pasta
Vegan Pasta
Vegan Pasta
Vegan Pasta

If you are planning to adopt a vegan diet for the short term or long term, you have to invest some time researching vegan foods and recipes. Pasta is a popular food favorite of many. Is pasta vegan? Well, the answer is “it can be vegan or non-vegan depending on the ingredients used in the making”.

Is Pasta Vegan?

Different types of pasta are available in the market and there are vegan and non-vegan varieties of the same. Secca and traditional pasta are the two varieties of pasta made using different sets of ingredients.

Secca pasta is a dried variety that is often made with just two ingredients, flour and semolina, both vegan-friendly.

Traditional pasta is often made using flour, water, eggs, and salt. As eggs are a non-vegan ingredient, traditional pasta made by using egg as one of the ingredients becomes non-vegan. However, you can use vegan alternatives to the egg in the recipe to make vegan pasta. Oil is commonly used in place of eggs in vegan pasta recipes.

If you are looking for vegan pasta, study the ingredient label of the pasta thoroughly to make sure that it does not contain eggs or similar non-vegan ingredients.

Different Types Of Pasta You Will Love

Here are a few pasta types offered in different shapes that will make you love them.


About 4 millimeters wide, linguine is elliptical. It is not as wide as fettuccine but is wider than spaghetti.


It is an Italian pasta and is made of cooked potatoes(mashed), flour and eggs. Vegans can use a suitable vegan alternative to eggs. The soft pasta is often served with red sauce or savory white.


It is a long ribbon-shaped pasta that closely resembles fettuccine.


One of the oldest pasta types, cavatelle is traditionally made with eggless dough. Rolled into small shells, the pasta looks similar to hot dog buns.


It is a dry tubular shaped pasta. It is widely used in various recipes and is available in different lengths and sizes.


Also known as the butterfly pasta, farfalle is ideal for pasta salads and cream-based sauces. It dates back to the 1500s.


Lasagna is a flat pasta that is considered to be one of the oldest pasta types in the world. It is layered with sauce and cheese.

When buying pasta, vegans can ensure it is vegan by looking for the vegan certification on its label.