Reasons To Lead A Vegan Lifestyle In January

Plant-Based Food
Plant-Based Food
Plant-Based Food
Plant-Based Food

A record number of individuals committed to celebrating Veganuary 2021, which is two times that of vegan food consumers from two years before. Of that participant count, 125,000 individuals who made the pledge hail from the United Kingdom. Besides, supermarkets rushed to welcome Veganuary as well as encourage a greater number of individuals to celebrate it. For an uninitiated, the term ‘Veganuary’ refers to a month-long event where people only consume vegan food items.

Individuals have various motivations to celebrate it, which is among the different reasons why the event is becoming more and more popular. There exists a widespread belief that it is important to lessen the quantity of meat intake for environmental reasons. Besides, several experts feel that following plant-based food eating patterns is the main way of reducing the impact we have on the environment.

There are several health benefits to consuming less meat, especially processed and red meat. Some of those benefits are related to diabetes, stroke, and heart disease.

For several individuals, the main contributing factor in going vegan is animal protection. The United Kingdom has long been known as an animal lovers’ country. Maybe it is unsurprising that the United Kingdom’s purchase and intake rates of several substitutes for cheese, meat, and milk are higher than those of other countries in Europe.

With momentum growing among those who try plant-based consumer goods, some might also be keen on leading a lifestyle that does not harm animals. It is the sort of lifestyle that people often describe as ‘cruelty-free’. Unfortunately, the latest statistics reveal that the United Kingdom carried out the highest animal experiment count in Europe. The number of finished animal trials in the United Kingdom was 3.40 million two years before. Many of those experiments were performed in universities, with funding from taxpayers. Anyhow, animals even pass away in trials of components for regular consumer goods, including garden and household items.

Over the last 3 decades, there has been a considerable growth in the substitution of trials on animals. Cruelty-free methods of testing have been formed that can partly or fully replace numerous animal trials across many product segments. According to the legislation in the United Kingdom and Europe, governments cannot manage an animal trial when a different testing strategy or method for getting the output sought is recognized. Anyhow, that is not complied with at all times, like in the case of botox testing.

Botox tests involve the use of mice, despite the existence and useability of a recognized cell-based trial. The trials entail injecting mice with botulinum toxin. Many of the rodents will be paralyzed in three days, whereas half of them will pass away. Any surviving mouse is killed in the test.

As with Veganuary, there are more things to consider here than the protection of animals. Animal-free trialing methods tend to be quicker, more affordable and accurate as compared to the trials they replace. Anyhow, for numerous reasons, it takes longer to replace animal testing than it has to. That has to end now for animals as well as for the sake of better goods and better science.

All of us can have an effect on the situation. A way of knowing whether brands do everything possible to stop animal trialing is to look at the package for the logo of the Cruelty Free International Leaping Bunny. That is especially the case in the event of thinking about purchasing beauty products, household items, and personal care goods. You may also use an online tool to search for cruelty-free items with brand name or company name. Doing so is the best way of confirming whether that company has genuinely pledged to help stop animal testing.

Why Do Some Vegans Avoid Using Medication?

Have you ever wondered why many vegans choose not to consume prescription medication and over-the-counter medicine? Drugs are tested on certain animals before these undergo clinical trials, according to the legislation in numerous nations. So, some vegans do not take those two forms of products. That may seem an illogical thing to do as far as other vegans are concerned. After all, the definition of veganism clearly says that one may act as per the lifestyle guidelines only as far as possible.

For instance, is it possible for a layman to know whether a medical product has been through animal testing? Unless the product maker throws lights on it, the answer would be no.

Anyhow, there is another reason why vegans do not consume medical drugs: the presence of non-vegan ingredients. As per a recent piece of research, 74 of 100 prevalent drugs available in the United Kingdom contained gelatin, magnesium stearate, or lactose. For your information, those three are components derived from the bodies of fish, pigs, and cows.