Top 5 Vegan Alternatives To Eggs For Many Recipes

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Plant-Based Meal
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Plant-Based Recipes

Are you planning to make some cookies for a vegan person and don’t know what to use in place of eggs? If yes, you would be glad to know that we have got you covered. Whether you consume only plant-based food, are allergic to eggs, or are attempting to reduce your egg intake, it will be useful to know these alternatives. Chances are you already have some egg substitutes in your storeroom.


Flaxseed should be one of the staples in all vegan storerooms as it has an abundance of omega-3 fatty acids, protein and fiber. For every single egg, just mix a tablespoon of flaxseed meal with 3 tablespoons of water by using a whisk or fork. Let the concoction sit for 5 minutes or so, or up to the time it thickens and forms a consistency similar to gel. Then, you may add it in the form of an egg alternative to plant-based recipes such as muffins, cookies, and burgers.


Are there a few ripe bananas at home that you are still to use? If yes, consider replacing the egg in cake, brownie, or pancake recipes with the bananas. These will bring some moisture and natural sweetness to the baked products of yours. Use a banana mashed into medium size instead of each egg in the recipe of yours.

Chia Seeds

Similar to flaxseed, these are also a healthy egg substitute loaded with omega-3 fatty acids and fiber. Mix 1 tablespoon of these seeds with 3 tablespoons of water for every single egg, and let the concoction sit for 15 minutes or so. You should then be able to use it in the thick form. Try preparing chia pudding when you want a healthy food item, with vegan yogurt instead of the Greek yogurt to keep the product dairy-free.


One more amazing vegan alternative to eggs is applesauce. It is especially useful for making an extremely moist cake. Utilize 3 tablespoons of it for every single egg in the preferred recipes of yours. Do not forget to select unsweetened applesauce products when you wish to reduce your sugar intake.


Tofu is another staple in vegetarian diets, partly owing to the high amount of protein in it. Made of the pressed form of soybean curd, it is an amazing egg substitute because it offers moisture in the recipes having leavening agents. Try using it instead of eggs the next time you bake quick bread.