The Five Most Interesting Things To Know About Plant-Based Meat

Plant-Based Food
Plant-Based Food
Plant-Based Meat
Plant-Based Meat

The phrase ‘faux meat’ refers to a laboratory-made food item, with the flavor and some other features similar to the actual meat. It is among the trendiest plant-based consumer goods available on the market. Shared below is a list of fun facts that you may wish to know regarding it. Read on!

It Is A Trendy Buzzword In Silicon Valley

Mountain View recently signed a Sustainability Action Plan that aims to minimize the meat usage of people throughout the city. Besides, many manufacturers of plant-based meat food items are based in Silicon Valley. It is easy to see why faux meat is one of the most popular buzzwords in this part of the world.

The Faux Meat Revolution Started In 2014

The faux meat movement started all those years ago when the Food and Drug Administration was asked to acknowledge a branded soy leghemoglobin as a safe item. Now, it is among the biggest food-related movements in the world.

Some Are Against Using It As A Vegan Food Item

As with virtually anything else, there are plant-based meat advocates and those who oppose using it in the form of a vegan-friendly food item. The latter people wonder why vegans would want to consume it despite brands using images of people eating animal-based fast foods to promote it. Some of them even provoke thought by describing vegans as hypocrites. One can see where they come from: the notion of veganism involves avoiding everything related to animals. That said it is worth noting that their view regarding the product is quite extreme.

The Conventional Meat Sector Uses Certain Strategies To Upstage The Faux Meat Industry

The standard meat product makers usually try different tricks in the trade to divert people’s attention from faux meat to their goods. These strategies include dismissing the flavor of faux meat and trying to make the lawmakers label and their food items differently from the lab-made product. Anyhow, the conventional industry players are yet to receive any major positive responses to their actions.

Plant-Based Meat Segment Is Also Aggressive Regarding Promotion

When it comes to promotion, faux meat product makers and advocates also try different strategies to outdo their meat counterparts. One of these strategies involves making claims suggesting that the production of beef is bad for the global environment. On the other hand, they claim that the plant-based item’s carbon footprint is extremely light, to draw attention from meat to it.